The Glass Bottle Sealed Jar with Lid is a household pickled sauerkraut and pickle jar designed to keep your preserved foods fresh and flavorful.
Made from durable glass, this jar offers a clear view of the contents inside, allowing you to easily identify and monitor the condition of your pickled sauerkraut or pickles.
The jar comes with a tightly sealed lid, which helps maintain the freshness and prevent any unwanted odors or contaminants from entering.
The spacious capacity of the jar provides ample storage for a significant amount of sauerkraut or pickles.
Whether you’re fermenting your own sauerkraut or pickling your favorite vegetables, this glass bottle sealed jar with lid is a reliable and practical solution for keeping your preserved foods in excellent condition.

Material: PP, Silicone
Color: Transperant
Capacity: 650ML, 1200ML, 2200ML
Quantity: 3pcs/set