The hermetic lunch box with 2 layers and a grid design is a practical and convenient bento box specifically designed for children and students. It is made with a hermetic seal, ensuring a tight and secure closure to prevent any leaks or spills. The lunch box typically consists of two separate layers, allowing you to pack different types of food in each layer. The grid design in each layer provides individual compartments for organizing and separating various food items, ensuring that flavors and textures do not mix. This helps to maintain the freshness and quality of the food. The hermetic lunch box is made of durable and food-safe materials, such as BPA-free plastic, ensuring the safety of the contents. It is easy to open and close, making it suitable for children and students to use independently. This bento box is perfect for school lunches, picnics, or any other on-the-go meals, providing a convenient and organized way to enjoy a nutritious meal.

Material: Plastic
Size: Round: length, width and height are about 16.6 * 14.7 * 11.6 cm, with an error of about 1 cm
Color: Pink
Quantity: 1 pcs