The lightweight lunch box with a single layer partition is a practical and portable solution for carrying your meals and snacks. This lunch box is designed with a single compartment that features a partition or divider, allowing you to separate different food items within the same container. The partition helps prevent mixing of flavors and keeps your food organized. The lunch box is typically made of lightweight materials such as plastic or stainless steel, making it easy to carry without adding unnecessary weight to your bag. It is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it ideal for school, work, or travel. The single layer partition lunch box is suitable for holding a variety of meals, including sandwiches, salads, fruits, and more. Its secure lid ensures that your food stays fresh and doesn’t leak during transport. This lunch box is a convenient and efficient way to bring your meals with you while keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Material: Plastic
Capacity: 1000ml
Color: Blue
Quantity: 1 pcs