Start Your Brewing: These glass food jar with lids and premium handle. These storage bottles are the perfect pickle starter kit or for anything you want to brew, ferment, or store.
Fermenting Jars: This glass bottles is the perfect vessel for making large quantities of all kinds of fermented food and drinks such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and much more. This jars gallon also pickling jars with lids and wide mouth make it easy to pickle of foods.
Storage: An airtight seal lid keeps food fresher for longer in our glass storage container dry food storage jars. Store dry foods such as rice, flour, oatmeal, pasta, and candies or store wet foods such as salsas, pizza sauces, etc in the pantry, fridge, or kitchen cupboards. Also liquid storage like Milk, Dairy, water.
Wide Mouth Glass Cannister : With a diameter of 3.9inch, our wide mouth large glass jars allow you to easily fill them with larger fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, and more. The wide mouth also makes it convenient to reach in the big jar to clean it out thoroughly

Material: glass, Silicone
Color: as shown
Capacity: 1200ml
Quantity: 3pcs/set