The square toast lunch box with plastic partition is a practical and versatile bento box designed for packing and organizing your meals. It features a square shape that maximizes the storage space inside the lunch box. The lunch box typically includes a plastic partition that allows you to separate different food items, preventing them from mixing and ensuring a well-organized meal. The partitions can be removed or adjusted according to your needs, providing flexibility in portioning and arranging your food. The lunch box is made of durable plastic, which is lightweight and easy to clean. It usually comes with a secure lid to keep your food fresh and prevent any leaks during transportation. The square toast lunch box with plastic partition is a convenient option for bringing your own meals to work, school, or other outings. Its compact size and partitioned design make it suitable for various types of food, including sandwiches, salads, fruits, and more.

Material: Plastic
Size: 15.5×15.3×8.5cm
Capacity: 1350ml
Color: Beige
Quantity: 1 pcs